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Owning A Home Creates Family Wealth

Potential Wealth Is Built Through Owning A Home

Owning a home has both physical and mental health benefits for a family. We see it all the time during the mortgage process, where a family gets very excited to buy a home for their future or current family. Especially first time home buyers, they seem to be some of the most excited homes buyers. The simple joy of owning a property and being able to be a part of a community, can be very gratifying.

In addition to the happiness, owning a home can bring wealth, which is created by the natural appreciation in value. Historically, homes appreciate in value over long term ownership. We know most families take out a mortgage and slowly pay back the mortgage over time. As you make the mortgage loan payments, a portion of the payment is applied to the principal balance of the loan. As this is paid down, additional equity is created in the home for the family.

Here is some recent data that gives us an idea of how much wealth is created from owning a home.




This information helps educate first time home buyers, about one of the biggest benefits of owning a home. It also reminds current home owners about the wealth being built by keeping ownership in a home and how much wealth can be built.

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