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First Time Home Buyer Programs In Wisconsin

Mortgage Loan Programs Available in 2017

Rural Housing Home Loan Program

One of the only true no down payment mortgage loans still available for home buyers in Wisconsin. This program does not require a down payment and you are also allowed to finance the closing costs into the loan. So, you can really buy a home with little out of pocket!

FHA Home Loan Program

One of the oldest, but most popular, mortgage program for first time home buyers. It only requires a 3.5% down payment and this down payment doesn’t have to come from you. It can be gifted from a variety of sources. Along with low fixed interest rates, it’s no wonder why this program is one of the most popular with first time home buyers. Learn more at FHA Home Loans

VA Home Loan Program

This is the other true no down payment mortgage loan still available today. You or your spouse has to active or a veteran of the military in order to qualify. Low fixed rates with no money down is a great combination. Learn more at VA Home Loans

Conventional Home Loan Program

This is a conventional mortgage program perfect for first time home buyers, since the minimum down payment is 3% of the purchase price. Since it’s a conventional program you will get a lower interest rate and a lower PMI payment. Learn more at Conventional Home Loans

WHEDA Home Loan Program

This program only requires home buyers to have a 3% down payment. Besides a no down payment program, the WHEDA home loan requires the smallest down payment of all first time home buyer programs. Learn more at WHEDA Home Loans

Doctor and Dentist Loan Program

This program is specific for a doctor, dentist or medical resident. Only a small down payment is required and, in some situations, student loans may not be counted against you. Learn more at Doctor and Dentist and Medical Resident Home Loans

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